NPTEL Soft Skills Week 6 Assignment 6 solution 2023

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NPTEL Soft Skills Week 6 Assignment 6 solution 2023

nptel soft skills week 6 assignment 6 solution 2023
nptel soft skills week 6 assignment 6 solution 2023


1.Minutes serve as records for future references in business meetings.

  • True
  • False

2.Complimentary close and signature are placed on the left side in a semi block format.

  • True
  • False 


3.Claim letter open with the statement of the problem.




4.MOV stands for Memorandum of understanding.




5.List of i tems to be discussed in the Minutes is called Minutes Discussion.




6.What is the format of writing a date in a business letter?

10 April, 2017

2017, 10 April

2017, April, 10

April 10, 2017


7.What isn’t a goal of adjustment letters?

To recommend an employee

Rectification of the wrong

Promotion of further business

Regaining customer confidence


8.When a writer is not aware of the status/gender of the receiver, what is used?

Semi-block format

Simplified format

Oversimplified format

Regular format


9.The style of a research paper should be-






10._______ type of circular is used for a wider population.

Public circular

Official circular


11.______ comes after the date in a business letter.


Inside address


12.Which one of the following are different types of format of various business letters.

Full block format

Full modified format

Semi-modified block format

Simplified format

Full simplified format


13.In a business letter, double space is followed between ____ and _____.

Date and Inside Address

Salutation and Subject line

The end of the body paragraph and the complimentary close

Date and Salutation

Date and Signature

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